JUNE 16, 2018



    JUNE 17, 2018

    The MAX-McCook Athletic and Exposition Center 
    4750 South Vernon Avenue, McCook, IL 60525 

    • Online registration via Quick Feis
    • International Panel of Judges
    • International Panel of Musicians
    • Live streaming of Awards though Facebook Live
    • PC/OC will be danced youngest to oldest
    • Free comments for Grades available online at QuickFeis
    • Free comments for PC and OC available at results
    • 3 Rounds and 9 judges for both PC and OC on Saturday; PC will have normal 2 Rounds on Sunday
    • Medals for each PC and OC round
    • Rotating Panel of Adjudicators 
    • Podium & Sashes for Top 5 in PC and OC
    • Schedule available
    • Registration opens at 7:15 am 
    • Competition begins at 8:00 am

  • Schedule


  • Adjudicators

    Theresa Schaeffer

    Sheila Bremer

    Devin Cornnell

    Sally Houston

    Joe Manning

    Anne Hall

    Kristen Butke

    Russell Beaton

    Jimmy Friel

    Judy McCafferty

    PJ McCafferty

    Catherine Leneghan Fox

    Rose Kelly Virgo

  • Musicians

    Rosemary O'Malley

    Niall O'Leary

    Nick Shizas

    Sandy Jones

    Rob McLeod

    Sean Softley

    Niall O'Leary


  • Questions ...

    Feel free to contact us with any questions.