JUNE 16, 2018



    JUNE 17, 2018

    The MAX-McCook Athletic and Exposition Center 
    4750 South Vernon Avenue, McCook, IL 60525 

    • Online registration via Quick Feis
    • International Panel of Judges
    • International Panel of Musicians
    • Live streaming of Awards though Facebook Live
    • PC/OC will be danced youngest to oldest
    • Free comments for Grades available online at QuickFeis
    • Free comments for PC and OC available at results
    • 3 Rounds and 9 judges for both PC and OC on Saturday; PC will have normal 2 Rounds on Sunday
    • Medals for each PC and OC round
    • Rotating Panel of Adjudicators 
    • Podium & Sashes for Top 5 in PC and OC
    • Schedule available
    • Registration opens at 7:15 am 
    • Competition begins at 8:00 am

    NOTE: After requests from both dancers and teachers, Sunday’s Father’s Day Feis - JUNE 17th - will be a costume-optional / Black and White Feis.


    In order to make it easier for parents - especially Dads on Father’s Day - we have instructed the adjudicators the Feis will be costume optional and suggest dancers dress similar to the Black and White Feis.


    Due to late notice, dancers can choose either full costumes, or Black/White appropriate costumes and be adjudicated equally.

  • Adjudicators

    Theresa Schaeffer

    Sheila Bremer

    Devin Cornnell

    Sally Houston

    Joe Manning

    Anne Hall

    Kristen Butke

    Russell Beaton

    Jimmy Friel

    Judy McCafferty

    PJ McCafferty

    Catherine Leneghan Fox

    Rose Kelly Virgo

  • Musicians

    Rosemary O'Malley

    Niall O'Leary

    Nick Shizas

    Sandy Jones

    Rob McLeod

    Sean Softley

    Niall O'Leary


  • Questions ...

    Feel free to contact us with any questions.